A humanitarian crisis needing your help


Last night was a traigic  history in the our lives as Walvis Bay residence. About 7 oclock at night, the informal settlement of Twaloloka (  Translated as we’ve had enough or we are tired”) caught fire which lasted over more than two hours. I was about to make dinner at the time when my neighbor alerted me of the incident and rushed to the scene. What we found was a fire that I have never seen before. There was one fire truck trying to contain the fire with no success.

The details of what caused the fire is yet unkown and the number of people that have perished in the fire are also unkown yet but we do know there is a baby that died in the fire ( may her soul rest in peace). The whole neighbourhood was affected and people had to sleep in the tents that were provided by good Samaritans that came to the residence’s aid.

This is not just a fire but a humaritarian crisis for our town. For those that are not aware, Walvis Bay is nkown as the epicenter of the corona virus in Namibia; with cases on the rise every day. Quarantine and isolation facilities are full with the latest cases that are testing positive told to self isolate. Majority of these people live in back yard shacks with no proper sanitations which is what is worsening the situation.

Many of our residence have also been pleading to the government to let them out of the region as we are still on lock down because they have no means of survival. Some have lost jobs due to the lock down, others are due to their companies involved in the Fish rot scandal, others are those informal market traders that cannot return to their normal place of work due to the government having shut those areas of trading. Our people are therefore pleading to back to their original regions for better survival.

Despite all of that, I am glad to see the amount of support that everyone is doing for these residence. From political parties donating 100’s of blankets to small business owners offering their trucks for transporting goods to the locked down Erongo region;  to me and you declutching our wardrobes to give those in need. If we all pull in one direction we will emerge victorious.

We are very greatful as residence of Kuisebmund , Walvis Bay and Erongo Region at large for all your support. No matter how big or small, believe us , it will go a long way.

For those that are still willing to donate, please do not hesitate to contact us. Currently my neighbors are driving around picking up items as well buying supply for the affected people , so if you have something to donate, email us at armasklestina@gmail.com or comment on this article with your number  and we will let you know how you can assist.

Forever indebted and greatful for your support


A Kuisebmund residence


Financial Wedding- Diary of a village girl


Mask KissAs  the corona crisis continue, the uncertainty is weighing in on many. With the hopes of many being shattered around their arrangements,  weddings are not happening the way they use to. As for us in the Erongo region, we are still on lock down and with how things are currently going, we can only hope for the best.

The journey has been incredible so far with a few surprises along the way. From minor gains here and there to major losses, we are indeed embracing the journey.

Today I want to write about contracts.  Contracts are an agreement between parties. They often involves a party receiving a service or good and the other providing or rendering that service. Contracts can be oral or written. How crucial are these in the process?

Earlier on during the year, we begun importing a few things. We begun with small things such as table cloths, spoons etc and just end of February, we had placed an order of chairs from China. As some of you are aware, the exchange rates went crazy starting at N$14 USD per Namibian dollar to a whooping N$17 in a span of less than 2 months. That was the time we placed this order.

We had already  paid the money before the Namibian dollar started depreciating but the issue is that we had a verbal agreement with the recipient of the money. The recipient was meant to have paid over the money to the supplier but because of unclear expectation we found ourselves in a situation of a lot of excuses. By the time he settled with the supplier, we were already knocked down and had to settle for lesser chairs or top up. Not wanting to risk any further we ended up just getting lesser chairs.

Most recently, we wanted to enroll for dance classes. This teacher wanted us to pay upfront for the classes which I did not personally have a problem with and I was actually due to pay her this month end. I never thought of asking her for a written agreement of how we will be dealing with this as she has a popular school in Walvis Bay and was referred by many. In my mind I was thinking, what is the harm?

Well, not knowing what lies ahead, I was schocked to learn of her passing last week ( May her soul rest in peace), which left me with a question, what could I have done? If I had paid her the money with no agreement, who was I going to ask? Do I just let go and then hope to find another teacher?

In those two instances I have learnt a lot about the importance of agreements. You will always have somewhere to fall back on. The reason why a lot of the brides and grooms are angry or not welcoming postponement of their wedding is partly due to money they have paid various service providers without any sort of agreement. Now that the event is not happening as planned or not being attended by the same number of guests as per the original plan, what now?

Some situations are so bad with some service providers not refunding anything of the amount paid on the premise they could have gotten someone but could not because they were booked. Some are reasoning  there was no refund policy in place and finding themselves with no liquidity are trying to get out of the situation without refunding a substantial portion of money or only offering alternative dates. All this confusions really are stemming from the lack of agreements. If there was one in place, it would have been simple to resolve.

With that in mind, yes  many things in the wedding process are being done by friends, colleagues, informal market service providers but I am learning to realize the importance of an agreement. If you cannot afford to loose it or it will cost your peace, have it in agreement in an event of the worse case scenario.

Nonetheless, we remain hopeful that come time, we will have a party. In an event that we cannot the union will proceed and we will see to the party later.


Until next time

Taati & Pandu



Empowering one another for generational wealth

Sitting in the desertGreetings for the mighty Erongo region. As the cases climb on a weekly basis, we can only pray for protection and speedy recovery of those that are affected. We also plead with those  that have enough resources to assist those that are badly affected in order for all of us to survive this pandemic. May the soul of the 7 deceased rest in peace.

Last week we had an amazing talk about black tax. We engaged three insightful panel that shared their insight into the topic and time ran out before we could fully exhaust the topic. A lot came  to light on the discussion with some of the key themes around us distinguishing whether its a right or a privilege and how we can start doing it the right way in order for it to become an investment for future wealth.

As we drove home that night, my fiancé felt that the talk was amazing but it lacked something. He felt that we should get back at it but this time with the means to empower others. We need to leave our audiences with a few options of what ideas they can go explore and although the speakers alluded to it, it will carry more weight if the participants could also be part of the conversation.

Before arranging a talk on the same topic. We would like to hear from you. How are you empowering yourself to ensure that you are breaking the chain of poverty in your community or family ? How have you liberated yourself from “toxic” black tax? What sort of ideas can you advise others to do that are still in this fight?

Your inputs will go a long way. To be part of the conversation, please  email us at armaslestina@gmail.com  or leave your comment below.

Creating a wave of change, one conversation at a time.

Stay Safe




Let us talk all about Black Tax

Black tax article

We celebrated my friend’s birthday in a rather unusual way. She decided she wants to rather have a zoom call where we discuss the feasibility of an innovation hub instead of a normal party.  We got on a call with established, upcoming and aspiring 12 other entrepreneur and the conversation just got me motivated.

I was inspired to learn from others, surprised to hear what others are going through as well as  what other aspire to be but quickly realized that that I would not learn & grow unless I converse and read with other like minded people.

My challenge is your challenge and its our challenge and how best to address that than sitting around the table and discussing these. On this week financial coaching, we are engaging on the topic of black tax.  I will be co-hosting with people who has manage the art of black tax in hope that  we all catch this train to break some enslaving habits.

If you are new here please read the below previously published article about tax:

  1. How it can easily become a nightmare
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  3. Financial No

If you would like to join us this Wednesday, watch this space for the details.

Stay Safe




Cash Flow Projections Coaching Session tonight

Session 3

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to reschedule the call from Thursday to tonight. Kindly please see below the link and the log in details to the coaching session on cash flow projections.

Topic: Cash Flow projections
Time: Jul 4, 2020 07:00 PM Harare, Pretoria

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 665 284 7450
Password: 1HQcnV

See you tonight.

Stay Safe



Financial Coaching Session 3 – Cash flow projections

Session 3

Welcome to our third session in this financial coaching sessions. If  you have not yet signed up , kindly please leave your email address so that we can invite you on our blog for notification every time we publish new content.

On this week coaching session, we are talking about cashflow projections. Ever wondered why your loan applications never get approved? Have you ever paid someone to do a cash flow projection for you  that showed your business will make a profit in year 1 but three years down the line you are barely not breaking even?

These are some of the key considerations that we will be discussing this Thursday to hopefully help  you better understand the fundamentals of the cash flow projections and get better at doing them.

We will be publishing the link to meeting on Wednesday via facebook, WhatsApp as well on this blog.

Until then

Stay Safe




Tragic financial loss – Retrenchments survival Tips

back at blogging

The events over the last few weeks has been worrisome. Pick n Pay, Pupkewitz, Sea Flower and many other unknown names were in the news with job losses. The numbers are climbing daily and people are loosing jobs. Some are forced retrenchment, others are voluntary but at the end of the day someone is loosing an income. They says its just a number until someone close to you loose a job. This could be you, a siblings, parent or a friend who may be the only breadwinner in the family.

Job losses are not really the worst that  can happen to anyone but it the circumstances into which you loose your job can make or break you. It the current economic times, times are tough to find a replacement job. No one is really recruiting but even if they are, not in large numbers to absorb all the people that are currently already in the unemployment pool in addition to those that are falling. So what is next?

Circumstances like these can have a negative consequences to ones mental state that needs to be handled with care. If you know someone that just lost a job, please lend a listening ear. Listen to their concerns and suggest from experience or from your stories you’ve heard on how other people that have been in similar situations have overcome similar hurdle. Avoid blame shifting as most of these job losses are really beyond the an individual employee’s control.

What I want to caution people in this situations is to not fall for traps of get rich quick schemes that are currently flooding the market. The sort of  schemes that requires capital investments that is not guaranteed can cut short the lifeline that you need in times like these. Bear in mind that if you lose your job , you may receive a severance package that you need to handle with care. Please consider the followings in order of priority:

  1. Get the expectations of everyone affected  at the same page. This could be your spouse, your children, your lenders etc. Everyone need to know you have lost your job and they can expect some adjustments in how things were done.
  2. List your fixed costs and see the ones that can be  cut out to avoid draining your cash reserves. Things like TV subscriptions, Wifi subscriptions, Gym memberships improves your quality of living but is not a necessity. Until you have certainty on the way forward save money on this.
  3. Work out a common solution with your lender. This could mean returning that car if you think there is just no way you will be able to service the debt. Although this a difficult decision, it can be best for you.
  4. Hold on a little bit before you can start that business or invest in that opportunity  that you have been seeing on facebook.  The thing is starting a business takes money and  many business will have a teething phase where you are likely to make losses before making money. In the loss making period, the business will require additional investment and therefore may deplete your cash before you even start making money. Unless you have a partner to chip in for you, please do not throw away the little you have.
  5. Lastly have faith and keep looking. If you are able to survive on income from another family member, please minimize the costs so that you do not drain the other person.

This is not an easy phase to be in but its not permanent situation either. You are not the first to loose a job and you are not the only one, therefore be gentle to yourself. If you really are not coping, reach out to someone, there are still good Samaritan out there.

I hope you learn a thing or two from this that can help you cope in times like these.

Keep safe






Financial coaching sessions via Zoom

It has been a while since I last posted, I was experiencing a technical glitch on the website. I somehow clicked somewhere , which mixed up the publishing setting but I am glad that I managed to figure it out.

Over two weeks ago, I published that I will be starting online financial coaching sessions via  Zoom and I am happy to announced that this has finally kicked off successfully. Except the technical challenges we experienced with some of the participants, I am glad to the 21 of you that showed up and engaged with us.

The first few of these series will be absolutely free until such a time that we have at least covered the fundamentals of money management and also have worked through the IT issues. After that, I will gradually charge a fee to cover the license costs of the Zoom account as I had to upgrade the accounts to enable meetings to not have a time limit. Overtime we will aim to run these sessions sustainably.

Until then, please follow our blog ( if you are not yet a follower) so that you do not miss any upcoming talk . You can click follow and sign up with your email address, or you can leave your email address in the comment and I will gladly send you an invite.

Coming up next week is the all you need to know about interest rates and how you can loose or benefit from it. See the details of the talk below:

Advert 2

Stay safe