I can not believe the success of the last two conferences. The property investment seminar was not that full but the engagement from the audience was impressive. As the host , I learnt so much from the guests which will definitely help me in my  investment journey. With last friday’s women conference, I am still processing how we got fully booked within a short span of time. For those that could not make it into the conference, below is the link to watch the recording.


To my new readers, the blog’s primary aim is to empower young adults on financial matters. Initially I started off with only financial matters, however with conversations , I am realizing that there is a need for other topics to be covered. It is for this reason that I hosted a seminar in topics other than money.

We would love to hear from you. How did you find the conference ? What is that one thing that you took away from the conference? What do you think we did well and what can we improve on next time? How frequently would you like to hear from us?

The one challenge with last week’s conference was capacity. My Zoom account could only accommodate 100 people and therefore we had people struggling to join. This is something that  I am looking into. If there is enough interest in future talks, I will definitely upgrade to a higher account on the condition that I can recover the costs attached.

To engage with us, please leave your answer in the comment box or email me at armaskletina@gmail.com

Until nex time ~Dhalondoka

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