I have always been wanting to get in speaking engagements so that I can teach and empower others on money matters. This has been long coming and 4 years ago, we met up with Sam Shivute who gave us tips and tricks on how to start but I found myself not having executed on that advise 2 years down the line. So this year when Corona hit, I made a goal that I will be working actively toward this goal and come November 29th, I would have done 28 speaking engagements before turning 28.

With online platforms things has really been easy. Just a poster and scheduling a meeting is all that is needed to be able to host a conference and of course your brain. I have decided I am making it even easier by reaching out to people in my circle that inspire me and I believe have something to teach. The interest has been growing with some session having as little as 8 people whilst other had over thirty people.

Whether I reach the 28 session before November or not is no longer the goal. The goal is to grow and become better at what I do. With one talk at a time we will create  that mental shift that can bring about economic emancipation amongst the youth.

In conclusion, many thanks to all of you that make time to join our meetings and learn from each other. Thank you for your time, contributions and questions. We hope that is the beginning of a great long journey.  In final thoughts,  let me leave you with this quote from a friend, what do you want?

I do not want to be rich someday, I just want to get in the shop and buy what I want without looking at the price

Zandra Maass

Stay safe  ~ Dhalondoka

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