I have been getting a few questions from friends that have people ask them questions about property investments. These questions range from people wanting to know what the process of buying a home entails, whether now is the time to get a property and how much does one qualify for etc.

Although there is nothing special about the process, I think most young people lack the insight on property ownership and deciding on the right investment.  I have written a few articles of how one can understand the power of interest rates and the process of buying a home earlier, so to do some background work read those articles.

To better improve our understanding on this, I am excited to bring to you a virtual conference on properties, where I will share experiences from young people’s journey of buying properties. Getting information what the journey was like for them, what mistakes they made along the way as well as lessons and advise they have for other homebuyers.

This conference will be attended on an RSVP basis and first preference will be given to our blog readers. To be become a reader, kindly leave your email address on this article, for us to send you an invite or simply click the follow button  and enter your email.

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