Earlier this year  I bought a book  with an interesting checklist at the end. The book itself was not the greatest finance book I’ve read but the checklist at the end was very useful.

The checklist is one that I use to establish a client profile in my coaching business. When you call in for an appointment, generally, I would ask you to complete the checklist. This is the first ground work we do to understand our client and assess what numbers we are working with.

As you know that the tax season is upon us with the extension for individual income tax returns date moved to September, I was trying to file my return  to avoid the last minute rush. This is now done online , which I already registered last year. I was surprised to learn that I had actually forgotten my username and my password; which was  is risky if this was a last minute submission.

As part of improving my financial checklist, I already had a tax folder but I had only populated my income tax number. I therefore added in my username and log in details in case I forget it again.

Having those details handy especially your income tax number is very useful especially when you change jobs as your new employer will need that. Else you will be double registered for tax and incur penalties on your dormant account.

Having all your information in our file helps make you better financial decision.

Remember to file your tax returns.

Check out our services in the article on how you can kick start your financial planning journey.

Stay Safe




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