Today as we drove to work, we noticed someone new at the corner of the street on our route to work. The lady used to be our driving school clients at some stage so we stopped by to greet her and also to see what she was doing there. She has started a business of selling coffee and bread to commuters as way to raise money as she was recently retrenched at the mall.

How did she think of a coffee business in times such as these? Well, determination. She thought of an opportunity and went for it. Whether she makes a success out of it or not will depend on how well she run and manage it and most importantly how she market it.

This brought me to re-assessing the business I am involved in. Very rarely do we market our product on larger platforms but the cost of digital marketing is almost minimal.

So kindly please see the services we offer and see which one you can sign up today:

Empower driving School – We offer driving classes for those wanting to obtain their driver’s license in Walvis Bay. Our affordable rates $119.99/Hour  with complementary free hours when booking for more than 6 session.  Flexible working hours everyday of the week to accommodate you and your schedule.  Contact Matias  at 081 206 8881 for all your driving needs.

Business ideas

Financial coaching one or one – If you have been join our Zoom group sessions, you might not be able to get personalize advise given the number of people the call. We  can offer one or one by helping you look at your situation and finding a long term solutions for it. Our consultation fee start at N$199 per session. Make the choice today and take charge of your finances. These sessions are held via Zoom hence we are available across the country.   Book your slot by sending a message at 081 61 47 860.


Hosting an event – Want to host a virtual sessions and not sure what or when to start? We will design and market the event for you and  schedule it on our zoom account. Rental of the account is N$99.99  for each session and the account can accommodate 1000 participants with no time limit. Your event will also be recorded and we will share with you the recording of your call in case you have people that could not make the meeting. Book your slot by sending a message at 081 6147860. Marketing costs are charged separately depending on what your needs are.

Black Tax

Airtime and Dstv services – We offer monthly Aweh packages where our clients pay upfront for their services and we send weekly aweh vouchers. We also are a DSVT agent and facilitate  payments. For this we are merely agents and we do not charge you extra. What you would have paid at DSTV or MTC is what you will pay by us, except we might save you extra costs such as taxi fee or bank charges. Our preferred options are EFT as that normally is free at many banks. For this dial us at 081 61 47860 or 081 20 68881.



This are how we can be of service to you.

Stay safe



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