Last night was a traigic  history in the our lives as Walvis Bay residence. About 7 oclock at night, the informal settlement of Twaloloka (  Translated as we’ve had enough or we are tired”) caught fire which lasted over more than two hours. I was about to make dinner at the time when my neighbor alerted me of the incident and rushed to the scene. What we found was a fire that I have never seen before. There was one fire truck trying to contain the fire with no success.

The details of what caused the fire is yet unkown and the number of people that have perished in the fire are also unkown yet but we do know there is a baby that died in the fire ( may her soul rest in peace). The whole neighbourhood was affected and people had to sleep in the tents that were provided by good Samaritans that came to the residence’s aid.

This is not just a fire but a humaritarian crisis for our town. For those that are not aware, Walvis Bay is nkown as the epicenter of the corona virus in Namibia; with cases on the rise every day. Quarantine and isolation facilities are full with the latest cases that are testing positive told to self isolate. Majority of these people live in back yard shacks with no proper sanitations which is what is worsening the situation.

Many of our residence have also been pleading to the government to let them out of the region as we are still on lock down because they have no means of survival. Some have lost jobs due to the lock down, others are due to their companies involved in the Fish rot scandal, others are those informal market traders that cannot return to their normal place of work due to the government having shut those areas of trading. Our people are therefore pleading to back to their original regions for better survival.

Despite all of that, I am glad to see the amount of support that everyone is doing for these residence. From political parties donating 100’s of blankets to small business owners offering their trucks for transporting goods to the locked down Erongo region;  to me and you declutching our wardrobes to give those in need. If we all pull in one direction we will emerge victorious.

We are very greatful as residence of Kuisebmund , Walvis Bay and Erongo Region at large for all your support. No matter how big or small, believe us , it will go a long way.

For those that are still willing to donate, please do not hesitate to contact us. Currently my neighbors are driving around picking up items as well buying supply for the affected people , so if you have something to donate, email us at or comment on this article with your number  and we will let you know how you can assist.

Forever indebted and greatful for your support


A Kuisebmund residence


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