Sitting in the desertGreetings for the mighty Erongo region. As the cases climb on a weekly basis, we can only pray for protection and speedy recovery of those that are affected. We also plead with those  that have enough resources to assist those that are badly affected in order for all of us to survive this pandemic. May the soul of the 7 deceased rest in peace.

Last week we had an amazing talk about black tax. We engaged three insightful panel that shared their insight into the topic and time ran out before we could fully exhaust the topic. A lot came  to light on the discussion with some of the key themes around us distinguishing whether its a right or a privilege and how we can start doing it the right way in order for it to become an investment for future wealth.

As we drove home that night, my fiancé felt that the talk was amazing but it lacked something. He felt that we should get back at it but this time with the means to empower others. We need to leave our audiences with a few options of what ideas they can go explore and although the speakers alluded to it, it will carry more weight if the participants could also be part of the conversation.

Before arranging a talk on the same topic. We would like to hear from you. How are you empowering yourself to ensure that you are breaking the chain of poverty in your community or family ? How have you liberated yourself from “toxic” black tax? What sort of ideas can you advise others to do that are still in this fight?

Your inputs will go a long way. To be part of the conversation, please  email us at  or leave your comment below.

Creating a wave of change, one conversation at a time.

Stay Safe




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