Black tax article

We celebrated my friend’s birthday in a rather unusual way. She decided she wants to rather have a zoom call where we discuss the feasibility of an innovation hub instead of a normal party.  We got on a call with established, upcoming and aspiring 12 other entrepreneur and the conversation just got me motivated.

I was inspired to learn from others, surprised to hear what others are going through as well as  what other aspire to be but quickly realized that that I would not learn & grow unless I converse and read with other like minded people.

My challenge is your challenge and its our challenge and how best to address that than sitting around the table and discussing these. On this week financial coaching, we are engaging on the topic of black tax.  I will be co-hosting with people who has manage the art of black tax in hope that  we all catch this train to break some enslaving habits.

If you are new here please read the below previously published article about tax:

  1. How it can easily become a nightmare
  2. version 2
  3. Financial No

If you would like to join us this Wednesday, watch this space for the details.

Stay Safe




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