It has been a while since I last posted, I was experiencing a technical glitch on the website. I somehow clicked somewhere , which mixed up the publishing setting but I am glad that I managed to figure it out.

Over two weeks ago, I published that I will be starting online financial coaching sessions via  Zoom and I am happy to announced that this has finally kicked off successfully. Except the technical challenges we experienced with some of the participants, I am glad to the 21 of you that showed up and engaged with us.

The first few of these series will be absolutely free until such a time that we have at least covered the fundamentals of money management and also have worked through the IT issues. After that, I will gradually charge a fee to cover the license costs of the Zoom account as I had to upgrade the accounts to enable meetings to not have a time limit. Overtime we will aim to run these sessions sustainably.

Until then, please follow our blog ( if you are not yet a follower) so that you do not miss any upcoming talk . You can click follow and sign up with your email address, or you can leave your email address in the comment and I will gladly send you an invite.

Coming up next week is the all you need to know about interest rates and how you can loose or benefit from it. See the details of the talk below:

Advert 2

Stay safe




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