As the day days draw near, the numbers are beginning to climb up. Things were slow with lock- down but  now we are picking up speed.

If you are a frequent reader here, you would probably know that by now that I promised to start a financial wedding diary. This is me keeping track of major costs of various events in this journey and hopefully at the end of the day tally it up.

I will be doing this maybe monthly  between now and the event but once the full event is over, I will do a whole blog post , giving a detailed budget  prep- the wedding and the actual costs.  I will also be involving my fiancé on the financial “Fights , wins and compromise” of the journey to give you a tip of the iceberg.

A wedding itself is not expensive, what makes it costly is the costs around it. To illustrate this point let us look at the costs leading up to the recent photoshoot we had. The actual shoot was booked at N$300 per hour and we had planned to shoot for an hour. However given that the photographer was soo friendly, energetic and creative, we ended up topping a N$200 extra for his service and also because we slightly went over our one hour mark. He even suggested a venue that actually gave us the best photos, the bench below.


Let us look at the costs around the photoshoot:

  • To look pretty and handsome  in the  photos, he had to go to a hair cut as well as I needed to get my hair blown out . He went to barber, I got my friend to come do my hair and make-up at home since I was late. Total cost was about N$170 in total.
  • Then we had to  buy a few outfits. I bought  two dresses ( so I have options because shops were not allowing fittings due to corona,), bought heels, a top, a sari , jean , shirt and hat. He bought a hat, a t-shirt, a jean and official short.  The rest of shoes and his other shirt in the shoot we already had. That was at least N$ 3 846 in total.
  • We also bought dinner on our way back from the shoot because we were supper hungry. That was roughly $150.

Add that up, the costs is roughly N$ 4 666.


I must say at the end of the day, it was really worth the hype. I also has not shopped since January this year so this was a mini shopping spree for me.

In the process, you also get help from other people. For example we took his parents’ car to the shoot as ours is very small and I could not really change outfits in a spark.


This  spending was mainly from the money we  had  at the time, not transferred to savings but because we were not really budgeting for this, I had to dip in my savings for the out of town job expenses.

Theme: Next time you plan an event do not just look at the costs of something, do also look at the cost associated with that one thing.

The overriding rule here is that we are not taking debt for this wedding, if there is no money, we are just not buying it.IMG-20200511-WA0016


Until Next time

Dhalondoka & Taatitanga




3 thoughts on “Financial wedding- Diary of a Village girl

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