Today was a horrible day. From waking up to the news that a very close friend passed away ( may her soul rest in peace) , to disappointing my nieces and nephews that their rich aunty will not be coming home and to top it all off, driving over 320 km (two way) to the find the Ruacana falls closed due to Corona. At this point I’m barely holding on to this day. Praying and hoping for a better and brighter morning tomorrow.

As part of this out of town job we decided to take a trip to Ruacana falls today. To confirm that that the place is open for public, we enquired with one of the local lodge close to the fall and they confirmed that it is open. We also enquired if we could get food by the lodge after the trip and they informed us that they are open for takeaway.

All was set this morning and off we went. We drove around a little bit because we almost got lost somehow, but eventually managed to find the place. Only to be disappointed that the fall was closed due to Corona.It seemed that we were not the only ones that did not know as there were other people that found us there that also were shocked by the news.

Anyhow, before we decided on going to Ruacana, we contemplated on going to Oshikango, just to go check out the place as none of us has ever been there. But after weighing the prospect of finding the Oshikango town deserted and the falls flowing with water, we decided Ruacana was the better option.

This disappointment did not just have emotional disappointment but also financial loss. All the petrol to drive there for nothing. We also spent a lot of time trying to see if there is anything we can do in the area with no success. In the end we wasted money and time. We also came back exhausted from this trip that was meant to rejuvenate us.

How does my disappointment of today has anything to with money? From that experience I draw some key lessons that can be beneficial in business or personal money management.

Here are a few lessons:

  • If you  commit to something and cannot keep to it, give people an update. This will apply to promising to help someone and your budget did not allow anymore, agreeing to deliver a deadline of the client and something came up along the way, manage their expectations.  I unfortunately got a call from my mother to tell me that the kids are waiting at home and needed to make up a lie to get them to sleep today whilst I go buy the snacks first thing tomorrow morning. If you do not manage clients expectations, it affect your service delivery, which in turn reduce your revenue.
  • If you are starting a new business, you  will need to do market research. In this process you will  get information  about customer behavior, product prices as well as demand. This could be from competitors, customers or from the general public. In the end  the reality will always manifest once you start trading. You might not make the money that you thought you would and you end up sacrificing your time and money to get the business of the ground. My one word of advise is do not given up before trying ( us driving to look for alternative destinations we could go to)  but also know when you need to quit to cut your losses. After we drove around for sometimes, we just needed to make peace with the fact that we are leaving without seeing anything and drove back home.

Finally as sudden as my friend’s passing, things can always come up unexpected. A death in the family, loss of a job, cancellation of contract from your main customers etc. The key is to build a safety net for your self.  Start a small business saving to help you cover costs when such unforeseen circumstances arise, build your personal emergency savings and finally if it will leave you bankrupt, please insure it.






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