2020 has been an interesting year. The year started off pretty fast, suddenly Covid -19 has caught us bringing  the world almost to a stand still. Life is no longer the same and we  must somehow find a way to adopt.

With the unprecedented times came a new wave of financial challenges. People are loosing their jobs, salaries are being cut, promotions are being delayed and re-po rates being reduced. It also brought with a mushrooming of opportunist that are luring people in making quick money.

As I watched these scenes unfold over the last two months, I am excited to launch our new program called “Financial Fitness’ . In this program, we will host a monthly event covering various topics that will help you build your financial file,  look at what you are doing with your money, how you can make money work for you  and ultimately help you build a healthy balance sheet.

Theese series will be mainly run via online platform such as WhatsApp, zoom, calls and also any other online app that can accommodate a meeting.

To be part of the fitness program, you will be invited to attend a free 25-30 minute introduction Zoom session this coming week ( The details will be up shortly). After that, you will have an opportunity to either subscribe to a monthly group calls  at a cost of N$50 or to a one on one session at a cost of N$150 per month.

If you would like to know more about this program, kindly please interact with us by either commenting on this post on Facebook, WhatsApp, commenting on this article, sending us an email at as well as sending us a WhatsApp message on +264 81 61 47 860.

Join us as we unpack the “Ask me how ” to manage your money and build wealth series.




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