Often I see people making mistakes not because they are not aware that what they are doing is not right but generally because they often do not have the energy or the guts to say No. Such weakness may cause you a lot especially if you do not have the boldness to give a financial “No”. What are some of the areas of concern that people are sacred to stand their ground?

I was not going to write this until the introduction of WhatsApp Stokvel. I have been asked by many people if would like to join and I  boldly said no. To some I gave reasons as to why I am rejecting the request, whilst to others I could care less to explain myself.

These sort of request comes from many in form of:

  • Family members wanting money “mainly in form of black tax” and putting one in uncomfortable situation to say no.
  • Can come from friends that even go the extent of measuring ones loyalty towards friendship against your ability to help them
  • Or even from one you have a romantic relationship with.

From whichever  source the request stem, do remember that there is always room for a no. This “No” although may not be easy to deliver all the time, it can be justified :

  • When you do not have the money that they are asking
  • When you regularly give to that person and they are developing an unhealthy reliance on you
  • When the possibility of that money not being paid back is high and if not returned could result in broken ties
  • And whenever you really just feel like saying “No” (unless someone’s life depends on it).

At the end of the day, every decision has consequences. What you do or not do today will yield result in the future. If you are generally a giver, your life may overflows with blessings and you may not lack anything. However people can  take advantage of you and you always bend your back to accommodate them. On the flip side, if you are stingy, you may be stuck without anyone to help you when in need, but this may  work out in your favor that your finances are in order and people learn to respect in the way they ask for your help.

In the end, happiness is a choice. If that means saying “No” , financially, let it be.

Stay safe



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