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Today as I pack for my first trip since Corona was declare a global pandemic, it reminded me of a very crucial concept in life, which is adaptability. This trip is like no other trip. We are just packing because we have to go do the job, no excitements of going to stay at a guest house as that is the last place you want to be in time like these.

Unlike other trips, out of town jobs normally comes with a lot of outings, takeaways as well as minor visit to any attractive areas near the job station. On this particular job, we normally do outings such as Etosha drive through, Ruacanna fall visits ,Epupa fall camping as well as dinning at my mother. This year instead of us looking forward to that, we are wondering how safe we will be out there.

last year

These also use to be my favorite trip of the year as generally ,it is the only trip I get to fly to Owambo land.

Because it is no more business as usual we had to quickly adapt.  We made a few changes to try and accommodate the situation as follows:

  • We are driving instead of flying. Normally flying saves times and is considered safe however in times like these, the plane normally has people from all different areas and hence increase the risk of coming into contact with a person who could potentially be infected instead of driving in your own car.  There were times that we would also drive in one car in an event that we could not fly , but this time we are taking up two cars as we can only be 3 people in a 5 seater  to comply with Covid 19 regulations.
  • Packing food from home. I packed rice, pasta, cooking oil, tinned fish etc due to the fact that we would like to rather stay in a self catering facility to limit the amount of time we go to the shops. Cooking own meals will prevent us from strolling around shops, other than just going to pick up perishables such as fruits and veggies.
  • And lastly no outings to other areas except maybe for dinning at mama Bear in the Village.

For you and me, what other areas of your financial life requires adjustments? You will need to adapt to make sure you are able to honor what needs to be fulfilled. These changes my comes with an uncomfortable feeling but  rest assured that it is just temporary and  this too may pass.


Whilst you are adapting, kindly please refrain from scammers and get rich quick schemes. If you do not know about this, kindly read an article I wrote an article about the basics such when MLC24/7 was once the talk of town ( read it here).


Stay safe




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