Corona Mess

Another bright and warm day. The desert was pretty angry at us toward the afternoon hours yesterday with sudden winds blowing in all direction. This morning its all calm again with almost no wind.

This day brings about positive news! We have another recovery in Namibia. That means God is hearing our prayers and we are on the right track to recovery.

As some of you guys might know, I am amongst the special breed of people this year , “the corona brides”. We have a wedding towards the end of the year and with the lock down, a few things are changing with the arrangements including putting on hold some activities planned as well as starting others earlier.

These events have brought a bit of emphasis to marriage preparations, ranging for WhatsApp calls and audios with married friends, watching videos on YouTube, reading books on etc. Some of the marriage preparations topics were quite familiar and easy to grasp such as handling your money together etc. So this do not require much of my time. Other topics were really foreign and which requires a change in mindset.

One of those foreign territory is understanding how my body works and learning about my fertility cycle. This was one of those things I last studied in grade 7 or 10 (God knows when) and I never even bothered understanding because I was convinced science was not even your first choice. So this has me trying to even understand the most basic things such as how long my menstrual cycle is ( I never counted since I grade 8, I just somehow relied on my body signs) to the most complicated topics of understanding ovulation cycles etc.

With that in mind, it brings me to our financial tip of the day :

Educate yourself about things – from money to science to social lifestyles to everything that catch your interest.

Maybe like me with my fertility issues, looking at your bank statement is one of those things that you never did. Do you even know what is the difference with transaction fees and monthly management fees? Do you understand what it means when tate Shiimi cuts the repo rate? Do you understand  the impact of the oil prices in America to the world? Do you ???

The list can go on and on. The point is educate yourself. Find that one area of your life you want to master and just do it.

Maybe you also caught feelings when people made jokes about the rest of us that were going on about the bright light the sky a few days ago. It’s now your moment to Explore.

Stay safe and stay relevant!



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