Burying head in the sand

Sometimes I wonder how I get all these money troubles and whether they just happen to me. If you never get those, either you just do not notice or you are extremely lucky!

This morning I received my monthly statements from the municipality and it came with a whooping N$1 926. I was so shocked at the figures as my budget for the month was N$1000. So I started looking in the statement. I realized there was a cash payment of a N$100 on my account as well as a re-allocation errors of N$1 189.  I called municipality to find out why.

In the process I realized someone made two payments that were incorrectly allocated to my account. One  last month and the other sometimes last year. I do not really recall the exact number from last year but I vaguely remember a cash payment on my account. The weird thing is that I never pay cash on my municipality account and I just ignore the payment when it was allocated. Luck day my mind should have thought.

The increase in my monthly statement is therefore to reverse those payments wrongly made to my account. This just means that poor person did not check their monthly statement to at least pick up that the payment they made were not being allocated to the correct account . Equally, I never checked that only payments I have made are allocated to my account.

What was strange though is that municipality never called to informed me about the error. Had I not queried, I never would have known what happened. The error was due to the fact that their house number is similar to mine and when you make a cash payment at municipality you only need to give the erf number. They were however lenient with me to say that I can call in to make an settlement plan in case I cannot afford to clear the debt in one month.

The moral of the story is that we are often either not honest with our finances or ignorant with the mistakes we make.  If you get paid more money than what you are entitled , be honest and offer to pay back the money. When the accountants go do the math, they will realized that something does not add up and they will follow up with you. At the same time, do not just trust everyone. Go through statements  from third parties and see if there is something that is out of place.

Ignoring that I do not pay cash on my account and not following up on a cash payment did not solve anything other than throw my budget off later. What are you secretly hoping will fall away or will miraculously sort itself out?




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