This is beginning to sound like a scene from a movie but trust  me it is not.

Yesterday was not lunch as usual. I almost shed tears because I personally have a low struggle tolerance level. Whenever I get stuck on something, my emotions run out of control and often I feel like giving up. I am getting better at this daily; especially now that I travel a lot on my own, which requires emotional strength .

Anyhow, so I was meant to meet up with the “The ex-Fisherman” for me to deliver the documents he needed me to do for him. The investor ask if he can present a cash flow projection on how  he plan on running the business to enable them to conclude on whether his idea is worth funding.  It just so happen that I was working at a client in the industrial area and not in the office, so come lunch time, I must find where I can stand/ sit to explain to him what I have done.

With the information I gathered on our first meeting at a petrol station, I was able to do the calculations. Nothing too hectic. I adjusted the numbers with the costs that I think he missed and informed him that he can pick it lunch the following day.  He jokingly said     ” just mention wherever you are, I will be there at lunch”.

I told him I am at a client in the industrial area but I forgot to mention which side of the industrial area. He then informed me that he will be there in 15 minutes. After a while, he told me where he was but the place did not sound familiar. I tried calling him but his phone kept cutting. After a few minutes, he called from a unknown number and only at that time I realized that he was on the wrong side of town. No wonder I could not recognized the places he was mentioning despite standing outside the warehouse we were working from for about 10 minutes.

I gave him the correct direction and apologized for not giving clarity  and he promised he would be there in 10 minutes. I was wondering what was taking him soo long, by that time it was already half my lunch gone. I have not even had my food and I am seen wondering in the street of the industrial area like a lost child.

He then again texted to say he was at the gate, so I gathered myself and went outside trying to control my impatience. Only to find no one at the gate. I called then I realize the warehouse has two gates and he was on the other entrance. I found a pole for shade as you can imagine how hot the sun is around 1pm and stood there waiting for him.

In a few minutes I saw him running. Only to realized that he came from the location walking because he had no taxi money. He then walked to the wrong side  on time but had to run to get to the side of town I was before my lunch was over. It only started making  sense why he was taking so longer.

We stood in the shade of the street lamp ( thanks for this because I do not know where else I would have stood) and I took him through the numbers. He understood part of it and others he asked me to explain it over and over in simple terms. I kept watching my time as I also needed to get back to work. In the end, I gave him the document and he proceeded to his next battle.

He was walking to the bank to go follow up on a business bank account he applied for sometimes ago. The bank used to be based in the “location” now they moved to the mall so he has not really gotten a chance to go there. But the distance was not too far so he thought he will just continue with his mission.

As we were about to part ways he said to me ” can I ask you something?, would you mind helping me in the setting up the business if I get the funding? I really just want to spend my time in the factory and looking for customers. Everything else I really do not know what to do. I am just a man with a vision  and that’s it”

To this we parted ways . It reminded me of that Will Smith’s movie!

Until next time

Your Financial activist




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