In the Monday meeting today at work, our receptionist shared various quotes that were meant to encourage us during the week. She shared some about leadership, others about life and one that caught my attention was ” Discipline is the difference between goals and accomplishment”. This got me thinking a lot as I worked through various tasks during the day.

Some of us are poor because of circumstances beyond our control but the majority of us , especially the young working professionals are simply poor because we choose to do the finance journey on our own. We set goals in isolation, attempt to accomplish then and when we fail, we are too ashamed to even share the lessons learnt. But I can assure you that if you open up your money related matters to the right people, you will start seeing a different picture.

This year has been amazing so far. I know I have been onto this journey of becoming disciplined about money but the people I am meeting this year and conversation I am having seems to be opening up even more new opportunities daily.

These are some of the latest development that illustrate my point above:

  • My friend Sister has always been on my case about writing a book. She shares with me various books especially those on finances and how each article I write on this blog could potentially be a chapter in the book.  I started sometimes last year with a book and dropped it in the middle. This year, I met Sarah who somehow has also learnt a few things from my writing and has joined Sister in motivating me to write. Together with Primus, their support means a lot and I know I am on not on this journey alone.
  • Sarah who runs an NGO also believes that money management is an essential skill that a lot of people should have in order to live a fulfilled life. With her organization skills, she has managed to arrange a finance seminar in Northern Namibia on money related matters. This is the second seminar I will be doing. From this I am confident that a lot of networking opportunities will flow forth.
  • One of attendee of my first conference casually asked why I do not have business cards that I can use to share with people about potential services I offer. This is one of those things I hardly ever think about but could be key to my development in this field going forward. She offered to print for me business cards for free as she was grateful for the advice and help I have given since we became friend.
  • Of great excitement is my neighbor, Meriam. She just happens to have gone on a Tour organized by Lazalia Travels run by my friend Sister, who then suggested we link up with money related matters as we are both passionate the same topic. She is into YouTube vidoes , I am into writing so we are working on a collaboration project on finances, some which will be in Oshiwambo.

What I have learnt from the above is, if I was working alone, I would not have not been able to be where I am today. We need to acknowledge when we can leverage off other people’s skills, where we can pool resources together as well as where we can team up for better and bigger results.

To be able to do that, we need to be intentional, transparent as well as disciplined. To know what you want is not enough, you need to reach out to others to help you get there. For others to help you they need the information to be accurate. If you withhold information from them, or lie, their advice will only be as good as the information you feed them. And most importantly, only you can do what they tell you to do. And that is discipline.

Meet my future CA, who will run her Dad’s Tyre Empire.



Dhalondoka na Ligola




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