Is it just me or the year is going incredibly fast ?  As we end of January, I thought I would start something new. Every once in a month, I will be sharing random financial advise I see on Facebook and WhatsApp status ( as this are really the only social media platform I use).  These are just people statuses as well as post that catch my attention the week leading up to this article.

Hope you enjoy. In no particular order:

  1. Do not underestimate the power of having a good financial advisor. A lot of us have issues dealing with our own money and often lack the necessary knowledge to address  our money problems. If that is you, reach out to someone who can give you better advise advise on how to start budgeting, savings , paying off your loan or starting a business on the side. This can be a registered financial adviser or it can be just people like us who studied finance and are intentionally managing our money better.

financial advise

  1. Challenge the norm. There are always things done in our society or culture that are a hinderance towards financial growth. These are often one day events that costs a whole crap load of money  just to keep with expectations. A few mentioned are weddings, bridal and bay showers etc. Do  you really need this?


  1. Lastly, if you have a partner that have poor money management before marriage, chances are that that will follow you into the marriage. If you are in a relationship with someone who has concerning money management, seek financial planning or  financial counselling in the process of your marriage preparations. It will save a whole lot of stress.


Share with someone that need to hear this and have a blessed weekend ahead.



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