chinese new year

Today I witness something that I have never seen before. A chinese new year celebration. As I walked through Nelson Mandela square on my way to Sandton City for lunch, there was a gathering  with performance and a items on sale. There were also information sharing  stalls on the history of China and what the people believe in.

Whilst looking at the stall the, I found a banner with a catchy phrase ”  lucky food to eat on New year”. It lists fish, Chinese dumplings and Chinese spring rolls as those food. What  I found interesting is the reason given for fish.

It reads as seen in the photo below:


As we gain movement in the FIRE movement, may each month be a new year for us. I hope that you manage to save something each month so that you can have a surplus next month. I also find that you are more at peace when you know there is plenty from where you are taking as opposed to stressing about the last cent you about to take.

What is your lucky food on pay day? It could just be your answer.

This was just a fun article, I was amazed at how I learnt something on my way to go get lunch. Because I was too happy, I came back with ginger and garlic that I will have to unfortunately wait for 5 more weeks before I can plant it:)




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