A lot has been happening lately across the country over the last few months. From interesting political conversations to a good  start of the rainy season,  the wind of change is surely sweeping across the country.  As such, at Meme Nature we are also pleased to be part of the change.

This year for the first time, we launch our conferences of engagement in money talks with general public. These are series of events we will organize across some major towns in Namibia to come and listen to your money matters as well as to enlighten to with the little knowledge we have.

Together with iExcel Africa,  we are excited to bring to you content on various common money themes that are likely to be a turning point in how you handle your business and personal finances. Many of these have been covered on this blog but we will bring a new perspective and practical aspect to them. This is also an opportunity to listen to others on how they are doing in terms of their finances.

The presentation will cover:

  • Budgeting ( Read the previously published articles here)
  • Savings and investments options
  • multiple income streams and side hustles  ( Read the previously published articles here)
  • Home loans – how to be ahead of that game ( Read the previously published articles here)

This and many more , come to  the conference. This is scheduled for the 21 March 2020 at an entrance fee of N$40 per person.  The event will take place at Oshana regional Hall,  Oshakati.

For more information contact us at 081 346 7977 or 081 614 7860

The goal  is to gain that momentum in the pursuit of wealth creation through managing your personal finances.



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