The last decade I celebrated was my father’s passing. I remember in 2008 , as I sat to design t-shirts that my siblings and I would wear as we remember a decade passing in the absence of our father. I sat long and hard on what I would write on the shirt and the design of the shirt. At the time I was in grade 10, as my Dad passed just a year before I could start school.

The second decade I am celebrating is now. From 2010 to 2020. 2010 was a year I completed high school. A cross road for many people with regarding to their future. That year I probably gave my big brother John headaches of applying for bursaries to university applications. Now we are already 10 years down the line. Time flies!!

10 years down , I am a audit manager doing part time gardening. Although there has been many things along the way of the-10 year journey, I feel there are a few events worth sharing that could be inspiring to the next person.  What has been some of the few changes in your life that you are most proud of, greatful for etc? what is it that you also regret having done over the last year? How will the next 10 year look like? Do you have a plan on getting that 10 year plan done ?

If you have a story, or know of a friend who has a story, let us know so we can inspire the next wave of change and growth and be the next guest on our blog.

As always, our hope is that one of this stories will inspire you to be the  start of that ripple effect of change.

Ps- 10 years   ago, we were barely trying to plant trees, 10 years down the line, it almost turning into a forest with plenty of fruits20191222_082828.jpg



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