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Happy new year and may this year be filled with joy, love and happiness.

As always,  January  is one of those months where there is always scanty to spent. This is as a result of many factors including early pay days, festivities and many other unknown factors. If you are like me only resuming  work this week and are concerned over how much is left in your bank account, the best thing to do for yourself  if review.

As I cleaned yesterday, we took out a blank page to look over  our December budget. Before we went on holiday, we did a rough budget which helped us manage a few expenses. Without that budget, we   would have been in a worse situation than we are now. From this review, there were still a few unplanned expenses, withdrawals made for which we could not even recall what we used the money for as well as some wise decision. No use crying over spilled milk so we decide to budget what is remaining.

Be realistic and look at how much money there is in your bank account, what you can potentially still receive ( but do not count on money you have lend to friend, forget about that, you will only receive that end of the month if you are lucky)  against what you still have to spend.

From our analysis:

  • We have a traffic ticket unpaid that is due
  • We have not yet loaded electricity
  • A few supplies  ( in terms of food still needed to be topped up)
  • Unpaid labour of work that was recently finished on a building that was completed in December
  • And my daily allowance. I am going away with work for 6 weeks and will need to buy food daily as I will be staying at a hotel .

The rest of the expenses were taken care for.  The budget looked a bit tight but putting our needs on papers allowed us to priorities and also make a few adjustments like:

  • Probably load less electricity then normal since I am not home for the month and no one will be cooking there everyday. Just someone sleeping there  to watch over the house and making occasional meals there.
  • Were lucky to have received an overdue payment that should have been made before December that only came in now.
  • I have a set budget of what I will be spending per day on my out of town job. At time when I do not have a budget, I end up eating Nandos with 100% orange daily just because I have  money.

What do you still have to spend? How much much is still left over? Also be kind to your friends when they say they cannot help, they also just coming out of December like you.




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