At this time of the year,  some reflection can go a long way. To look at what went well, what remained the same, what changed and what went wrong. Not to re-live the past but just to see how back you’ve come as well as make better choices for next year.

Two days ago I posted on my WhatsApp status two questions. What has been your 2019 highlight as well as what you will do different in 2020. I got a few responses ( thank you to my friends that replied) but would like to highlight the responses from two  friends.

Elizabeth is back in the country from University and whilst at home, she does a few things including knitting as well picking up sewing skills. I covered her earlier with the article about who you associate with  ( if you missed it,read it here). Her highlight amongst others was featuring on  my blog and getting a distinction in financial accounting.

As for 2020, she is planning to save more money by:

  • Setting up her room in a minimalist type of situation to avoid temptation of buying unnecessary things.
  • Try to cook more as eating out proved to be expensive and
  • Want to try out the envelope system ( read it here ) as she finds that she overspend when she swipes.

For me this is good insight and a strong financial background for someone that is still a student and understanding managing money start as soon as you can. You do not wait until you start working to commence attending to how you manage your money.

In Windhoek, business is picking up for Vilho, our guest on the Wave ( read his story here). We are coming back bigger and better as we will try to establish more content over the holidays. His highlight was actually realizing that he can make it big with big entities without having to wait for “so called connections”.

In the horizon,  in 2020:

  • He will stop doing business in survival mode
  • Stop doing business to fund his life style and
  • Focus on aggressive marketing and set a strong vision for building his business that will outlast him

As for me , a lot has been happening but my main highlight is, if you do your job well, your deeds will speak louder than words.  I also had to take a decision to close the chicken farm as it was loosing money.

In 2019, I am really looking to establish my urban garden, that will be focusing on supplying organic vegetables and also introduce poultry in it.

How about you?



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