Hi my readers, its been along time. Along the way this year I had a split of mind regarding blogging. I was not sure whether I should continue or not ? Do my content really add value and could I maybe do it differently. As such I slacked a little on    blogging and stopped writing. Anyhow, as we end off the year, I have decide to pick      up writing again and  am excited for what is to come in 2020.

Just before we head off for Christmas, I have a few tips regarding the upcoming season. This is actually a tricky time of the year to lend anyone money because the chance of getting it back in time are close to minimal. If all goes well, expect to only recover that   by the end of February.

This is also that time of the year were black tax coincide with brokenness. Our families are expecting too much from us. We must contribute to family weddings, contribute money towards the ploughing of fields for  upcoming rainy season and when the   cousins that will start tertiary education are off, we must add at the registration fees. How will we manage all of that?

I am no exception. I already had incoming  requests and competition priorities and with my pay day coming in two days from now, I thought the best thing I can do for myself is budget.

The budgeting we do during the festive season is mainly short term. The year is almost coming to an end,   you will have a fresh start in January to review your long term goals  so the focus here is to really ensure that you are in good shape for January.

With all that being said, here are some practical tips:

  • Remember your brain was not wired to deal with money, so it has the tendency to think you have more money than you actually have. Do a high level budget and see how much is available after your fixed costs are off.
  • Many of us normally get paid at the end of the month and such the debit orders will also only get off towards the end of the month. When planning what to spend after you are paid a week earlier, do also keep that in mind.
  • Pay your bills before heading off for holiday. Buy non-perishable food and meat for January before heading for holiday. You will still need to eat when you are back from holiday.
  • Pay up your electricity and water before going. I always add the utilities account as beneficiary and just pay the previous months amount as an estimate before I receive the statement. When I eventually get it, I top up.
  • Do ensure that your lights, geyser’s and other electricity appliances are off ( except the fridge if you have food in there) before going on holiday.
  • And spend only what you have this festive season. Getting into debt for short term leisure is not that ideal.

As we head off to the holidays, let us remember to drive safely, do not drink and drive, keep our property safe. One of the thing that I doing is letting friends that want to come to the coast for holiday stay at my place to house sit in my absence. That way we both win. They get free accommodation and I get someone to house sit. Leaving your house unattended can increase the chances of break ins.


Dhalondoka Panduleni Klestina yaArmas



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