Happy Sunday to you. I trust that you are well rested this weekend and are looking forward to the new week.

Yesterday morning, I had a call with a friend who was just needing some advise about her finances. She noticed that she is not really where she wants to be and part of that was due to unplanned for black tax, lack of emergency account and also lack of motive to save.

This was a very fruitful call because we were able to unpack her situation, understand what is causing leaks in her budget and also do a little bit of planning for the next 2 or three months. Even if she actually did not ask for it , this was what I believe financial counselling is all about.

Being at that place where you know your finances are not where you want them to be and just reaching out to that one person that knows a little better or have more experience with managing finances.

In addition, acknowledging that if you continue doing things how you are doing them will not yield any fruitful results is often the first step towards financial freedom.

As we head towards payday, what are some of your survival habits that you would like to change? Should you maybe be looking for financial counselling this spring?

Take care of your self, finances are some of the reason why the world is full of broken homes and friendships.



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