20180421_093059.jpgThank you for taking time to pass by. Always great pleasure to share the little I know in my area of specialization. My hope is that you will become better at money management. This does not matter whether you are a small business or an individual, the principles remain the same.

Let me admit that the year is going pretty fast and there are certain things that I thought  I would have achieved by now that I have not even started. That sounds a little bad but there are many other things that I am well on track and those that I have exceeded expectations. The ups and down are what makes the journey special.

The lows

1.I completely stop using the money app. This was my main budgeting tool that helped me keep track of my expenses. Every money I spent and every money I made, I captured on that tool. But God knows, at this point in time, I am not budgeting. Something to work on.  If you need to remind yourself a few things about budgeting, kindly please visit the following articles below:

  1. How full are your money jar?
  2. Zero based budgeting
  3. How to budget.

2.The chicken farm did not turn out to be as profitable as I thought it would be. We kind of slacked in management and all got busy and we missed the main peak season. That combined with the increasing cost in the feed, I have decided to de-invest from the  business.  If you are looking to start a new business, I advise you read  the following articles below:

  1. Finding the right business partner
  2. Looking for a second source of income stream



The highs

  1. I have really stuck to my payment plan for the home loan by doubling the installments and if everything goes well, I will be done in 2021. So far I have only made 6 installments and per my current plan, my total payment terms will be 36 months. If you want to read more about how I plan to do that and understand how home loans works, please revisit the followings below.

1. learn how to beat the home loan system

2. Mistakes I made buying my home

2. I have started new businesses that have low input costs and that are yielding better returns than ventures I have previously run. This is the driving school in Walvis and being an electricity, airtime and dstv vendor.


Those are just some of the few things that I wanted to highlight. By sharing this information, I hope you realize that in as much as we are struggling in some areas of our finance management, we are also winning in others. The secrete is to stay motivated to keep going.

How far have you come this year?




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