Since I picked up crotcheting I have worked on a a few projects. I have made a bag, a beanie, a dress and a few socks, just to mention a  few. When I started, I sort of started doing very basic patterns and that gave me the necessary skills such as patience, momentum, how to hold the hook as well as the fundamental stiches that one should know. I am picking this up by watching youtube videos.

Socks 2.jpg

Most recently, I took on abit of challenging tasks. First I attempted a neck scarf but I did not get the desired look I was looking for. Maybe I did not follow the instruction correctly or  used the incorrect hook size but I ended up improvising the design with buttons. I could have undone the work and start over but I chose not to.

Last week I was doing my own sock and I somehow misread the measurement. Instead of reading 21 I ready 51. Imagine crotcheting all those extra  30 lines just to realise that you did not need to? I was so demotivated and almost undid the whole thing and just abandoned the project but my friend motivated me not to. I undid the project until line 21 and proceeded in the right direction.

Last night the misstake was not something I could fix, my foundation chain was wrong. I could not fix it, I could not undo a part of it, I need to re-do the whole thing after nearly two hours of crotcheting. Imagine how devastating that felt. Either I give my client an incorrect measured sock or  I man-up and do the right thing.

In light of that, these mistakes reminded me a few things around financial discipline

  1. The beginning is always easy. You know, start a savings accounts, stop taking out new debt, maybe even draw up a budget. The ease helps you to get a foundation but what will set you apart is the endurance and the advancement in your skills. Are you able to move from basic financial management tips to something more that will help you achieve the freedom you need?
  2. Some mistakes along the way can be fixed easily. Just like the scarf that went wrong, I added buttons and off I went. Same with your finances. Maybe you overspent that month and needed a little payday loan. As long as you can pay off that amount within one month, you will be in the same position as though you never had taken it out in the first place. That depends on the magnitude of the amount you are taking in relation to how much you can afford to repay over the short period of time.
  3. You will stumble and fall along the way especially when  trying to get up, your motivation will run dry hence attitude and people you listen to are important. My friend could easily have said, “just abandoned that sock, you have already wasted time”, but she chose to offer encouragement. People will tear you down when you choose to trade in the car so you can repay the bank loan; but it’s who you listen to that matters.
  4. And finally, sometimes there is just no way out then starting over. Like I had to undo 2  hours worth of work and start afresh, this can happen. The bank can come after your house, your car or even  you could be declared bankrupt. But remember that it is not the end. Life if like a wheel, if you hold onto it, you will get back up with it.

And most importantly learn from mistakes you make so that you do not repeat the same error. Helps others struggling financially because no one really wish this upon themselves. They all thought they had it together until they realized actually they are sinking. And learn from others, you do not have to go through the same thing to become wiser, you can do so by simply listening and actioning.






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