This week I am working on an away client that requires daily commute. I have to get up earlier than usual and that means I am also home earlier than normal.  Tuesday afternoon I got time to do some gardening after realizing that I have not given my garden much love in the last couple of days.



In my madness trying to revive the spinach garden, I notice some  things. There were two plants in the same container size, planted the same time and receive the same amount of attention. Both plants are exposed to the elements of nature especially with the cold mist since winter begun. But one is flourishing quite well, the one has died.

I also noticed that I have a green pepper plant that I’ve had for almost a year now but it has been the same size since I moved. When we initially move here, it was really doing well. It flowered a lot but only gave me three pepper ( if I remember correctly).

Lastly the orchid that I tried to rescue from the office. It started blooming new leaves  within 2 months when I brought it home and now I am seeing something strange. There are root like stems growing around the bottom part of the plant.

Just like the above three plants, a lot can happen in our financial lives like this.

Plants exposed to the same environmental factors but is thriving while the other is dying

  • In life we can have the same opportunity, have the same degrees, earn the same salary but have different financial standing. It is all about the decision we make, how we respond to challenges and how adequately prepare we are. While you choose to spend your money on alcohol, the other person may choose to spend their money on something useful. While you splash your bonus on a vacation,  the other person might be paying off their short term loan. It really all depends on what you want out of life.

The green pepper flourished the first few months, flowered and shed off the flowers only to give a scanty harvest.

  • Sometimes we change environments and  think we are better off in the new environment. We maybe got a new job, earn a better salary  and even start upgrading our lifestyles. Are we able to sustain this lifestyle of maybe is the adjustment too steep for our earnings level?
  • Do we take time to establish ourselves in the new environment before starting to make commitments?  Before signing that 3 year lease, did you look around for shorter lease period to allow flexibility  in case you do not like it there?


Finally the orchid. It started off slowly getting new leaves now it is sending off some roots like things.

  • This is what you should be doing. Baby steps. Learn to see when you are surviving in a particular environment and admit that you need help if you see you are drowning. Are you maybe over-indebted? in a lifestyle chase?  If I had not rescued that plant from the office, it would have been dead by now. So will you, if you do not seek for help.
  • The plant started adjusting slowly and it took time before it started making visible growth in its roots structure. I think it even shed some leaves the first month I got it. This is normal. Just because you sought for help does not mean your problems are going to disappear over night. It will take time and dedication for you to start seeing results.

Let’s strive to be like the orchid by learning to seek for help and blooming where were are planted, one step at a time.





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