August is upon us and for many of us will be heading to Nothern Namibia for weddings.  Some are invited as bridesmaids & groomsmen, others as family members, maybe as friend or colleague or the latest (thanks to the Nandago’s) “by association:)” . Nonetheless, it will cost money to be at the event.

When one is invited to a wedding, there are many costs involved. Some are direct, others indirect costs. In additions, there are also opportunity costs of weddings as due to time being a constrain, we regularly have to give up something to be at the occasion.

Here is my take on the up-coming season:

  • Times are tough at the moment for you to be buying people unnecessary gifts. Remember the article I wrote about giving the right gift? If you can , ask if the bride and groom are in need of something specific before you go buy something you think they may like.  In addition, if you want to save your self the hustle  of boot space, you can send them vouchers that are not specific to an item or even just give your monetary contribution.
  • Be mindful of how you travel. It’s very rare that you will go to the wedding alone so if you know friends that are invited, car pool to the event and have a petrol budget. By car pooling, you save on petrol cost as well as being guaranteed to have a reliable form of transport to and from the various receptions.
  • Do you homework regarding the condition and the type of the road leading to the destination. Some friends really marry far deep in the rural area that are only accessible by 4X4. Ask the bride and the people that have been there and make necessary arrangements. You do not want to drive your Chev spark and get stuck, which will bring other costs such as towing costs and service fee.
  • If you find that you are not able to reach your desired destination by own car, if you car pool you can even afford to rent a 4 X4 for a few days. It will work out cheaper if you car pool and plan it with friends. This has to be agreed up in advance.
  • And most importantly, if you can avail your service to assist others in preparations. You offering to go pick up ice blocks will save your bride and groom some stress as someone whisper to them that there is no car to go pick up the ice in the next town.

In addition to the above considerations, be mindful of the opportunity cost of being at the occasion. In economics, this is define as the next best thing that you need to give up to get that which you are currently doing.

For example: When we recently went on holiday, we used the driving school car. This meant that for the time we are on holiday, we are not generating any income as there is no car to be used in the driving school. So our holiday costs is not only the money we are spending on accommodation, shopping etc., it is also what we could be making if the car was still operating.

Such factors must be considered.  If it means you have to take unpaid leave to be able to be at the wedding, but that also means next month you will struggle to live within your budget or even miss your rental payment ( because you get less money for being absent at work, maybe consider explaining your situation and instead of going to be stressed out at the event by what will happen when you get back, you could give the money that you would otherwise spent on transport and gifts as your contribution.


What are your tips for the upcoming wedding season?

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