I am glad to be back at work after a month of being on holiday. Well rested indeed. Up and about exploring surroundings of coastal and northern Namibia was exciting. I picked up a new skill, crocheting; really enjoyed my break.


It’s 6 months of the year gone and we are now in month seven. This is that point in time of the year when you can either view the glass half full or half empty. Looking at how much time you have wasted to achieve your financial goals is of no use, rather focus on what you can still do in the remaining months to achieve even part of your bigger goal .

This holiday I met two people that reminded me on what it really means to endure. They both are currently working of projects that are of a larger scale , which if not looked at carefully may make one to believe that it just happened overnight. To my surprise, they both worked over an 8 year period, doing just one bit a time.

My advise to you this week is to look at what you want in life and see to it that your timelines are realistic. Do a progress update of how far you have come and how on track or off track you are? Find out what it is that you are doing that is causing you to be a one step ahead and keep doing more of that or that which is diverting you from your goals and re-direct that energy elsewhere.

Financial independence is all about action. Are you sticking to your budget as planned? Are you staying away from life-chase spending habits? Are you investing and saving money from your side hustle?  Are you empowering yourself through increasing your income earning capacity? Are you attending financial seminars that are meant to assist you on how to grow your business or how to manage your money better? At what age are you looking to retire? Are you adequately saving for that retirement?  Are you thinking about implication of short term decision that may have long term financial consequences? Are you insured for what might bankrupt you?

Let’s us do some pondering before we dive into the routine of daily financial topics, weekly guests on The wave as well as exciting new development coming up.



Dhalondoka Panduleni




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