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Happy Monday, another week to achieve great things and reflect on what has been. The financial calendar for some folks that get paid on the 20th have just ended and spending is currently under way. For folks getting paid the 25th, spending is on its lowest as we try to make ends meet for the 25th; with others making plans for pay day loans and for the folks that are getting paid on the 30th, they are still comfortable, but probably beginning to hit low reserves.

This although may be the familiar story, it is not the only one. Some folks regardless of what time of the month are still doing well. Their spending patterns continue to be the same throughout the month either because they are good at budgeting and sticking to budgets, maybe they earn just a load of money with fewer to no major commitments or simply they opted to have a revolving overdraft facility.

Which of the above category are you?  I am certainly in the category of the 25th , just barely surviving in the next three to 4 days. Whatever happened along the way , I am not quiet sure but I am also aware of some once off expenses that I did not properly anticipate for. I know better next time.

Not that I want to tell you what my story is nor do I want to know yours but to remind you that regardless of what your intentions are, your actions will influence your survival patterns. If you are always needing to go to a cash loan at the end of the month, think about what is that that you spend your money on that you should potentially need to quit? Why do you always have to dip in overdraft facility come month end? Why are you not sticking to your budget despite setting it?

The best time to make a budgeting is when you are broke because you mind understand  the scarcity of money in that moment. And remember that your brain was never wired to deal with money and therefore it could need a little push ( read it here).

Happy reflecting and stay focused.


Dhalondoka iha dhiyi Iita.



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