Giving birth is a life changing event in the life of any women, no matter what stage of your life you are. In as much as it comes with joy, love and laughter, it can also be a miserable event for many young mothers. Meet 23 years old Laina Kuutondokwa, a young mother who despite all odds, made it her mission to provide a bright future for her three year old son.

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For a number of years she has been dreaming about starting a business but it was only when she fell pregnant at the age of 20, as a second year student at the university of Namibia at the time that she really had no choice other than to start embarking on her journey. She realized that the pocket money that she was getting from her mother was never going to be enough to provide for her and her son. Not long after that, her mother who was providing pocket money also retired and that made her automatically a deputy parent. Providing for herself, her son and the taking care of the gap that her mother left.

Although she has always been into beauty products, her luck came by in 2017 when she became a photographic model at a photo shoot in the current Tutaleni studio 7. Studio 7 discovered her ability to enhances beauty and therefore asked her to do face beat for other models which became a good opportunity to showcase her talent. This is where Inga Beauty was born, her business to offer make up services around Namibia.

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My interest in her story came when I realized that her business journey is inspired by her son, the very same reason that breaks down a lot of women. I was curious to find out how she managed to balance her three roles and what advice she has to the young mothers out there. In our exclusive interview, this is what I have come to learn about this young, determined and fearless woman:

She stresses the point that a child is a blessing, no matter what ones circumstances are. It sadden her to see children abandoned, aborted and killed by women on a daily basis mainly because the fathers of those children do not take part in raising them whilst there are increasing cases of miscarriages and infertility. Others are crying for  kids and hence one must embrace and love . “ I for one also raised my child on my own without the help of his father. I would stock bags and beauty products from Oshikango to re-sell so that I can get a little to buy milk and nappies. Whilst other flaunted their government refunds on fancy clothes, I had to sacrifice this to invest in my son and business”, she said.

In addition to this, she stresses that where there is a willpower, passion and determination, there is always a way. Realizing that will make you to respect and not be shameful of your hustle as that is the way that will free you from poverty. As someone who believes in the strength of an African women, she has opted not to give up in times of hardship. This will to go on was what made her to work hard the year she gave birth at university and she still had to write 5 subjects on supplementary exams. Without that will Power , she should not have passed them all.

We ended off with her 5 business tips to anyone out there (especially women) that would like to embark on any business, her business vision as well as the quote that helps her to wake up on her lowest moments.

In summary, to be in business you must learn to be :

  • Able to sacrifice- you have to work hard on planting in your business because there is only a harvest if there was a planting.
  • Be a fighter- nothing worth it comes easy and you must learn to pick and fight your battles.
  • Have a note book and when you get a business idea write it down. To rely on your memory to remember later is a recipe for failure
  • Be a risk taker- with great risk comes great reward
  • And lastly have the passion- “ When you are passionate about something, you are unstoppable because you cannot not do it” , I quote.

At Inga beauty, they are currently catering for any event such as graduations, weddings as well as music videos. In addition to be a self-taught make-up artist and a photographic model, she is also a nail technician. Her aspiration is to broaden her client base and hopefully become an international make up artist. She also dreams of becoming a household and interior décor, which she currently design pillow cases and customizes them for individual designs.

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“In conclusion, when life throws you obstacles, turn them into opportunities and above all include Gods in your plans for everything ; because with his care and protection, everything is possible” She concluded.


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  1. Woman in the Making… I’m very honored to read such an amazing and beautiful story… Keep it up Honey, are you such an inspiration to single mother’s out there…

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