Welcome back from our production break.  We are excited to announce  season 2 of The wave, a series of interviews with Namibian youth that are making head waves in entrepreneurship. My hope remains that one of these stories will inspire you to embark on your business journey and create the much needed job opportunities for other fellow youth.

If you missed out, our first guests were impressive. They took what they had to begin with and just went for it. None of them really needed to register a company in order to start a business nor did any of them had to get a bank loan to start of their journey. They learnt to start small at perfecting their art, used the inspiration around them, filled a unmet need in their communities and most importantly they preserved during the challenges.

If you missed the previous guests or simply would like to revisit their stories, refer to the following links below:

This Season , things are even extra exciting. Just when life throws challenges and you find your self on the ground, use that to keep you motivated. We have 4 guests lined up whose story are instrumental  in reminding us that in every problem lies a promise of an opportunity.

It’s with great excitement I introduce to you our opening guest. You are free to guess in which game she is playing.



Until tomorrow







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