Saturday night, as I waited for my steamed bread in an oven, I was playing the “solve the puzzle” game. I was not really reading too much into the game but eventually I saw myself frustrated. Twice I have been close to winning but there was also a prolonged period where it seems as though I was not making much of progress. Eventually when I gave up, the followings are the observations from my unsuccessful attempt at the game:

  1. When I started I had no plan nor really much knowledge of the game. All I knew is I wanted to get the cubes with one colour on one side but I had not made any decision what colour that will be, on which side of the game it will be  and how should the other colour be if I want to achieve that.
  2. I also had no idea how to make the moves. Do I just random play and hope the colours will fall in place or do I need to strategies.
  3. I had no clue how long on average it takes a person to get the game right.
  4. I actually do not know why I wanted to play that game in the first place. I could be in bed while I wait for my bread, I could be reading a book that I really enjoy or even watching my favorite TV show.


Applying the above  to finance, the followings I concluded:

  1. If you have no strategy on how you are going to achieve your goals, you will keep hoping.  Just like I hopped from colour to colour, which eventually lead to no result, this is what you might end up. In addition, you end up joining things along the way that appear easy at face value. This include get rich easy schemes such as MLC 24/7 and you might end up loosing it all. So have a strategy, know what you want and stick to it
  2. Also by not knowing at least the basic of the games you intent to play, it might cost you time and money. If you are going to invest or save money with someone or an institution, at least know how it works. What are you investing in, what are the charges attached and how easy or difficult it will be to get your money out when you eventually decide/
  3. Finally, evaluate the opportunity cost of each decision. What are you forgoing by spending or investing your money in this particular thing? Like that, you are evaluating the costs versus the benefit and hopefully make a decision that is in your best interest.

And when you decide what game to play, enjoy the process.



In other news, I harvested this weekend and Baked fish wrapped in cabbage leaves





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