Change in season

Over a month ago I took a plant from the office. Actually, I did not take it, our receptionist gave it to me knowing that it will probably be best in my care. The plant has been in the office for a very long time, received as a present from someone and eventually the person decided to keep it at the office. We give it water here and there, sometimes it gets forgotten as a result, it was beginning to die.

I took it with, not that it needed too much care but I just ensure that I gave it enough water. At that stage, the leaves continued to fall off because its root system was already affected. Even given my best attention, it showed no sign of recovery. Nonetheless I persisted.

Just when I looked at it after my pumpkin was cut up, I noticed change. The old leaves are still dying but there are new leaves. This mean that the roots of the plants are healed and new growth  is on its way.


Similarly, when you decide that you would like to turn around your financial situation; things will not happen overnight. You will still have to pay for that car, rent, pay that debt, pay your credit card , probably still be needing to go to a cash loan at the end of the month as well as fight instant gratification. This is because it will take time before all your loans are fully paid off and your income exceed or equal your expenses as well as be able to exercise self control on spending. Hence how you react during the transition period is very important.

During this period, patience and determination will be key. Have the patience to know it will take time and money to fix your problem and trust that you will get through. Have the determination to fight negative energy and any relapse to your old habits. And most importantly, create a support system. People that shares the same goals and vision and would like to succeed with you.

What is that one thing that you need to start doing today?




5 thoughts on “Letting go and embrace growth

  1. Thank you for being so generous by sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I’m really learning alot from your posts . I wish financial literacy was part of our education curriculum coz there’s so much that we are not aware of. Continue educating us pls.

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    1. Thank you soo much, I am glad I can help☺. Do share any topics you want clarity on so I can blog about it. Yes, all we can do is teach our kids finacial literacy at a young age so we can start changing the culture


  2. I can’t finish thanking you dearest. Theyvsay sharing is caring, so thanks that you keep sharing your views and knowledge. We are really benefiting a lot from it, so please don’t give up 👍👍😊


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