Earlier this year I stayed in a hotel for 2 months on an away job. There was no self service on laundry  and if you needed something to be done , you had to use house keeping. The house keeping was expensive but they really ironed  as professionals. I wore the shirts twice or three times after washing with no wrinkles.

Yesterday morning, 2 months later, I took one those shirt to iron before I could wear it. You will not believe how easy it was for me to finish ironing. Since it was already thoroughly pressed before, all I need was to slightly pressed on each side and off I went. This is the easiest I’ve had to iron  something.

The only reason it is soo much easier to iron the shirt was because it was already started. The foundation was laid for me, the lines where the shirt should be pressed were visible, all I had to do was reinforce the lines.

Just like my shirt, this is the same when it comes to money management. I have noticed that it is soo much easier to deposit an extra N$ 200 in my savings account when there is already money in it than it is to start the savings account in the first place.  It is also easier to invest in extra money in an established business for expansion than it is to start a new venture all together. Even more common, its harder to go jogging on a particular evening if you are not a regular runner than it is to get out of bed at 5 am on a cold morning when you are already a regular runner. The only difference between this situations is the foundation. When you already have something set up, it easy to keep going.

As we round off this week, make time to think why you find it easier or harder to spend , save or invest money. Could it because you have a strong foundation, you have no foundation or you have a weak foundation? After identifying your issue, make it your business to make a change in the direction you would like to be.

My money foundation I believe came from the knowledge of the first book I read on money in 2015.  Below is the book review I did on the book i extracted from a document containing other books I read in the same period.

“5. The richest man in Babylon

This just came at a right time. I have a lot of expenses coming up and money on my way. I could have jumped at the idea of buying a TV right away, put a deposit on the fridge but this book made me aware of the pitfalls with such ways. It gave me insight into good financial planning and if I follow it through, I shall be just fine to build myself a gold reserve and make it work for me. In three years’ time, I will be able to do just that without any strains. Hooray. Thanks that my first audit senior has been Josephat. Otherwise I would not have gotten my hands onto this. Knowledge is power”


What are you doing to make your foundation intact?






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