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2 weeks ago I took a book with on a plane with an intention to go read it. Although the duration of the flight was just really 45 minutes, I thought I would get through a chapter or so if there are no turbulences. That was the plan but I ended chatting the whole flight. These were the few lessons I learnt from the stranger on the plane:

  • Opportunities are everywhere and most of the time hidden in plain sight where no one expect them to be so be open to engage with an ordinary man on the street. They might just mention something that might trigger something else. Just like the cut up pumpkin ( sorry guys, I am not yet over my pumpkin), new things spring forth. I re-looked at emergencies as well as starting over just because of that incident. Something that would not have happened  if nothing had changed.
  • A book is simply someone’s view on the subject as at hand. So are the articles I write here. Different people can have different opinions on certain topics hence read broadly. You will be amazed at the contrasting views that people have however it’s in these differences that you need to learn to find balance.
  • He has been bankrupt before and now he was on his way to building a lodge in Opuwo. Been married but now divorced. These are some of life events that could break one down completely but it took him three years to start building what he once had. While he has not yet re-married, he has definitely re-built his empire.
  • Finally, beware of lifestyle trap. He spoke of a friend that lives in a luxuries area that is planning to buy a private Jet but they all know he is pushing it. This could be because people in his circle are making it big in life and he is forced to keep up. This is where joining the right circle comes in.


Just some random thoughts but had I been at a different place in that moment, I would have missed it. Share a smile with a stranger and you will be surprised 🙂




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