In every sphere of life, we have a circle of people we interact with on a daily basis. Whether we like it or not, we are taking in something from these people. We can get influenced in a good and a bad way but ultimately we are responsible by how we react to such influences.

University in particular is a great stage in life to be because friends you make there are likely to last a lifetime. This is because at this stage, you have the option to choose  who we would like to associate with, without the intervention of your parents. Similarly,  it is also a place where we mingle with people from diverse background culturally and financially.

University can make one succumb to pressure especially when you are not from a well off financial background. Some people come to university with cars bought by their parents, others comes with lunch money everyday whilst other must struggle to keep up with the cost of buying textbooks. At the end of the day, this can derail one if not looked at carefully.

But it need not to be that way. If you have a child or sister that is in university, please caution them of “lifestyle chase”.  Be honest with them regarding what they will meet and what you are able to provide for them. This way, they are prepared to see fancy cars without being envious of others.

But most importantly, they know which “gang” to join. I caught up with my friend Elizabeth on how she is finding varsity and what her support system looks like. I took interest in her fitting in because she gave me feedback of how her friend  bought her a financial calculator as a gift as she  really needed it. I could not help but think what a nice circle to be in.

She describe her circle as loving, caring, compassionate and fun and this is what she has to say about their “Gang leader”

The one thing we like about Revelina is that she has a very big heart and cares for us. She is always the one who is reminding us of homework and quizzes that are due and she is always more than willing to help. In fact she always makes an effort to check up on us. If you miss class, she will personally come visit to find out how you are doing. Above all, she is humble, loving and ever smiling” Elizabeth concluded.

Not just in varsity but this sort of influence can spill into your working career. You might feel the pressure to get a car just because your squad is getting cars. Sometimes not just any car but the one that fit with the life style that your squad has created.

What sort of influence are you having in your circle? Are you maybe chasing a life style of your Squad? Think about it.





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