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Often I have been asked why I give free financial advise. Why don’t I consider writing a book that I can sell. Why don’t I do a conference of some sort? Most of the time I do not have a good enough reason, but it did not take me long to realize that I actually benefit from it.

There are many things in life that I get without having to pay for it. Most of it is mainly my hair. I do not recall really when last I had to go to the salon to get my hair done. Majority of the time I get it done at home. My cousin will scratch my head for dandruff and apply hair conditioner. My friend will help me get it rolled or something and now and then my sister will do my hair.

Not just hair but there are soo many other things that people do for me without having to pay for them. And this is what relationships are for. You give others and you also get something in return.

In addition, writing this blog has forced me to act on certain things I would not ordinarily do. I would not advise you to get out of debt if I am sinking deep in. I would not tell you to budget if I cannot even account for where my money is. I cannot tell you to save if I have Zero savings nor will I tell you to start a side hustle if I solely depend on my salary.

So yes, I could charge for my financial advise but at this stage I choose not to. I am also a firm believer in what you give others is what you get in return. If you want to become financially independent, also a help others to be independent and in the process you become a better person.








2 thoughts on “Free financial Advise

  1. Hi Dhalondoka,
    I see a “bigger” you in the very near future because of that 👆 brilliant mind of yours. Quite often if not always, you do speak sense and about this we see or hear surrounding us. Personally I do learn and benefit alot from your blogs. Wishing you endless blessings and praying for Namibia to have lots of “Dhalondokas”.

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