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As we enter the second quarter , I hope that your quarterly review has resulted in some new goals for the up coming quarter. This year is indeed a tough one for risk averse people. If you do not have job currently,  you might find it difficult to find job depending on the skills you possess, the experience you have and the industry you are playing in. This leaves entrepreneurship a very viable opportunity for many.

Over the last few weeks when I was up north, I was helping my mum and other women in my village set up a close corporation to seek government funding to venture in various business. Their targeted sector are restaurants, poultry, jellwery making and needle work amongst others. This is just one of the many example of businesses being run by women.

So yesterday my friend in the introductory photo told me he feels like women have more opportunities to start business than men. He is of the opinion that this is because women in general tends to go for business that have low start up capital and only requires one’s time before it can get off the ground. He spoke of many businesses that are associated with the beauty industry such as nails, hair, make to mention a few. “Really if a lady wants to start a business, she really can. Maybe its just a mentality issue.”


While his opinion may not be entirely true, it really does hold some truth in it. Guys tend to look at the big ideas that are bringing in big cash and that is the sort of business that they are into. This why you would find car dealerships, construction and others are owned by man.

Big or small, each business holds the same value and potential for success. The key  to running an effective business is to understand your vision and why you started in the first place. Identify a need in your area,  find a solution and be the best at it. This will require a level of commitment, knowledge as well as determination for ones vision to become a reality.

My point being, if you are currently unemployed, male or female; one of the way to decide what sort of business to start depends on the level of start up capital required. The lower the start up capital, the easier it is to start and exit the business and less stress involved.

Lastly, if you cannot innovate, copy them. The followings are my small business that you can venture in too.



Happy Venturing







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