This afternoon I would like to talk a little about the concept of leveraging. A business  term used to explain a situation when you use something expecting better results. It is mainly used by business when they used borrowed funds to expand their businesses in the hope of making better profits; which ultimately translate in better returns.

You can also apply leveraging in your personal life. I like to think of leveraging as a result of networking. By knowing people from different industries and background you get access to resources and benefit you would not otherwise get if you were alone and  in many instances for free.  For the relationship to be beneficial for both parties do not only leverage off other people’s skills, but you should also learn to get other to leverage off yours.

Last night I had a perfect example. I met someone recently through a small fitness group I started called the “Bare foot runner”. She owns a small tuck-shop at home and lives near one of our members so we took her along for the first time with this weekend. After that run, I then passed by an Expo and procured a airtime, electricity and TV paying machine.

Off I went and started running my small business re-selling airtime and electricity as well as offering TV subscription payment services. Last night, she called me saying that she has the same machine and had run out of credit but she does not want to turn her customer away so we ended up selling electricity from my machine remotely. She collects the cash on my behalf and I give her the voucher number over the phone.

So this way, I leverage of her established customer base and get some commission on those sale and she leverage off my machine and keep her customers happy.

So what area of your life can you leverage off others and what do you lack that you can get from others?  Just be careful that whatever it is, do not use others for your own benefit.




3 thoughts on “Leveraging concept

  1. This is very informative, just like every single article of yours. Please tell me more about that machine. I have been thinking of procuring the same machine for selling airtime and electricity. Thanks.

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