I have officially paid the first instalment of my N$479 000 house after almost of two years of getting allocated the house. The road was exciting, bumpy as well as fun that I have learnt a great deal of lessons that are worth sharing.

Welcome to property investment 101 , a series of articles covering the following aspects:

  1. Why I bought a property in the first place
  2. Factor to consider before buying your first property
  3. Mistakes I  made in the process of buying my first property
  4. The process of buying a house
  5. Cleaning up your financial history before heading out to buy a property.
  6. How to pay off your  home loan effectively


So if you are looking to buying your first property or are in the process of buying one or already have one, this is  your time for us to engage and share the journey.

Buying one property does not make me an expert, but it surely give me a head start in property investments.

See you next week




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