2019 Year is going pretty fast than I can keep up. Just yesterday I was home for Christmas and we are already done with 3 months of the year.  Whether you think its going slow or fast, you should be taking time out to reflect where you at this point in time.

Often people do new year resolutions and goals only to repeat the same goals the following year. This is often because once the goals are in place, that’s about it. No progress update, no accountability partner and no breaking goals in short term bits with realistic deadlines.

Similarly, I have looked at the contents I have been writing on the  blog since the beginning of the year and just give an update on how I have done against some of the key topics. They say, the best advise you can get is that which you give to others. If we can act on our own words, we will be successful.


Just a few…..

  1. I  have revised my budgeting with inclusion of money jar. I did well for the first two months but I just noticed that I am beginning to slack at it. This evening, I will get back to updating my spreadsheet and my budget and the money tracking app.
  2. I have included my black tax in my monthly budget. Since I have a giving jar, when someone asks who was not part of the initial budget, I take from that. If the request comes in after this is finished, I will respectfully say no and include it in my next month budget. It is not easy but it comes with practice.
  3. I am still sticking on buying used car. I have just recently acquired a second hand car to start a driving school. This is because I am trying to minimize the fixed costs of my start up business so that I can increase the chances of survival. This is now my new income stream that I have recently launched.
  4. My bond has finically registered and I will be paying double the installment tomorrow. In addition today, I just follow with the bank as I have not yet received the response to my query regarding the incorrect monthly payment calculation.
  5. I continue to browse through my statement for any funny charge that may be going off or missed savings. I have successfully manage to get Nampost to allocate the N$600 that they have missed.
  6. Growth is inevitable and doing business is not easy. We have increased our stock at PAK farming to a total of 275 chicks and chickens in total to be ready for the August Wedding and Ongwediva Annual trade fair.

Reading through my old posts serves a reminder of things I set forth to do that I can easily forget. There are also thing that I have advised others on that I started considering doing myself.

Just like I took time to reflect on old goals, please do make time for yours. What have you done with the first quarter of 2019?  What are some of your goals for the next quarter?


Dhalondoka (Literal translation of my native name- If you are warned in advance, you will be ready for to fight your battles)

Driving school.png



5 thoughts on “Quarterly review

  1. You can’t finish inspiring many including myself. Please keep this going as you don’t really know how much impact these articles are making in our lives.😇👍

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  2. This year honestly started with a bang for me… It’s moving so quickly😱 I’m struggling to keep to my monthly savings goal though, things just keep coming up. Everything else in my life is fine except my finances, but I’m confident I’ll get it under control.


    1. Atleast you are making progress in the other aspects. As soon as you find balance, all shall be well. I am slacking in some areas but I am planning to set a little more short term goals to assit with accountability

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