The parable of two farmers teaches us a lot in life. Both farmers awaits for the rain but the one prepared his field so that its ready for the rain, whilst the other just waited for the rain. The first farmer took advantage of the first showers as his field was ready to receive the rain.



This does not only apply to ancient stories but to your day to day life as well. Although I did not transplant the seedlings due to hot wheather, I had dug the holes and filled them up with humus. This morning we got enough showers that left our ponds with a little water and my holes well moistured.


The holes I’ve dug as I await for the rain.

I can safely transplant my trees because I was prepared. What are you doing as you await conditions to improve? Are you saving for that dream car? Are you working on that licence as you apply for your dream job? Are you practising that song as you await for the competition?

Whatever it is, you will only get through the current season if you have hope. The belief that the season you are in will not last forever and your time will come.

What will you change from today?



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