Last december I bought a few seedlings with a hope that I will introduce new varieties to the garden and increase the trees I have. This costed me rought N$600. Until now, this seedlings are in my garden not transplanted because this is the worst drought we have experienced. It has not rain and the heat is unbreably hot.


Just like my timing of buying the trees, alot can happen in life like that. You can invest in a business and the conditions change such that your capital is tied up in the stock you bought. You might struggle to get customers and worse case if you have borrowed the start up capital, you might have tough time paying back.

You could also lose your job in the current economic times when no one is recruiting. If this is you, you might find it hard to find a new job simply because things are tough everywhere

Despite that, I have learnt a few things from the garden this afternoon.

1.Despite the heat, you will notice that even if others are struggling, they will be others that are flourishing. This a tend to be plants near the water point like the one below, likewise it could be business that are providing essential services. If you want to start a business during a recession, consider essential services such as education, health and food.


2. Plants started in the heat tend to built strong roots that are drought resistant due the fact that they had to learn the hard way. Similary, if you are struggling in the current economic times, you tend to learn key skills such as money management, decision making and persevarance.

3. Hard times do not last forever. Soon it will be spring and the trees will shed leaves embracing the new season. Likewise life is like a wheel, if you hold on , things will start looking up so do not give up.


May you remember the above if things are rough on your side.




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