Happy Independence Namibia. A lot has gone into the liberation of our country and we are enjoying 29 full consecutive year of peace. The economy has been tough but the rest of us that hare employed or have some business, remain grateful.

Just like festive seasons, long weekend are always accompanied by celebration, travelling as well as unbudgeted expenses. This can have  spin off effect on months to come and may make one feel like the after- January effect. Some of us are just lucky that by the time of the celebrations, we are not yet paid to make impulsive decisions but, please take the followings into considerations regardless:

  • If friends are going out for a braai or drinking and you really do not have the money, be honest and upfront. If they are willing to understand, they will cover for you otherwise you will tag next time. Do not get a pay day loan from a friend for entertainment purposes.
  • If you do have money left over or just got paid , have a budget and stick to it. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a day off work and braai with friends, just do not go overboard and struggle next month.
  • If you are organizing something, choose the cheaper option. Instead of driving far out of town and pool money on fuel, you could also save that money and braai at home. There are also other fun activities that are free such dune hiking, beach ball and beach braai.
  • And finally just have an entertainment fund. If you have already budget for the out of town cruse with friends, by all means go for it.

Wishing you all the best and most importantly drive safely.






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