Earlier this year I wrote an article about getting in the habit of asking questions and realizing that there is no such a thing a stupid question and over the last few weeks, I encountered three particular situations that made me think of just reflecting on same topic.

Issue 1

As I mentioned earlier, my bond has finally registered and I will be paying my first installment this month. So typically of me, I asked the bank if they can inform me how much I will be paying on a monthly basis and the banker forwarded me a table with information so that I can update my budgeting. Just because I am auditor, I just thought of running the numbers in the amortization schedule so that I can work out the monthly payment based on the input that they have given me. Only to realize that figure they calculated was calculated on an incorrect amount. Initially I had planned to borrow from the bank including lawyers fees that I ended up paying myself so they never updated their figures. I am still awaiting for my banker to re-look into the numbers as I would be saving N$200 per month per my calculation.

Issue 2

I have been struggling to get my savings bank to allocate some minor deposits that I made in my account to the value of N$600. The banker has told me that I must give her 2 weeks to sort out the issue and after two weeks she comes back asking for proof of payment of the deposit I have made. The issue was that, when I started querying the deposit, they never asked for the proof of payment and  going back to the bank to retrieve the information will cost money. I ended up asking the banker’s supervisor if they could not use the excel tracker I provided them with, track the dates of the deposits and my reference number in assisting to allocate the funds. This was indeed a brilliant suggested to them and they will revert back in a week.

Issue 3

This morning, I went to get funds transferred from my call account to a friends bank account and the lady at the till was quick to turn me away. She referred me to another branch but instead of me taking her answer at face value, I asked if she can call the other branch if they offer the service I am asking for before I waste my time and taxi money to the next branch. I could sense she just did not know what I wanted and her comfort zone what to just say no. It turn out that I could do it at the same branch and she ended up bring the forms I needed to fill in.

My point being, do not just assume that if  someone is telling you something it’s correct. If you unsure , ask. If you do not understand, take time off to think about it and look for a second opinion. You could be over payment on your mortgage for 20 years, you could be missing out on your N$600 savings and worst case, you could be wasting your time or money on due to lack of someone’s knowledge.

Ask and you shall receive.

With Love




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