This weekend I was home only to see the most shocking scenery I have ever seen. In the last 26 years of  my life, I have never seen anything close to this. There were years when we harvest less than we would hoped for but this year, it looks like there will be no harvest at all. This is the story of my village but I am sure it’s everyone story. What are we to do?

About this time last year, my field was bright with sunflowers , green beans and maize that are ready for harvest. My pond was filled with water and surrounded by green grass . Below are some of the images of the field and pond exactly a year and the ones that I took this weekend.

A year ago



This weekend



One thing is for certain, there will be no harvest this year. What will our people eat? This maybe be better for us but how about the animals? The grazing areas are dried up and the water is long gone. Is there hope for our people this year?

This is my call to my people in urban areas. If you come from Northern Namibia, please think about how many grandchildren are in your mother’s or granny’s homestead and how they will survive. I am not sure about you but below are the kids that are in my granny’s and my mother house. These are the number of mouths she must feed on a daily basis.



I think this is the year your role in paying black tax is becoming particularly important. Budget how much you can supplement your breadwinner’s income. Think about giving the right present. We must buy Mahangu grains while we can still do so at the cheaper price. The price will go up as the growing season come to an end.


My plea is we cut on the unnecessary outings and rather support our families.  If we can pool our money together , we can save our family as a 20kg of Mahangu is currently costing N$80. I have started a drought relief savings for my family and nearby community members but there is only soo much I can do as an individual. If you are interested in sponsoring a homestead with a bag or 2, please feel free to WhatsApp me on 00264 81 61 47 860/ armasklestina@gmail.com.

With a heavy heart


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